Connections Training/Adoption

Adoption begins with a vision and a plan

The decision to install IBM connections into your organization is a decision to change the way work is done. The journey into social and collaboration is a new way to work and requires planning and implementation. This will not only reduce the risk and ensure success, but it will set the stage for a more responsive and effective organization.

We start the process with our clients through a series of workshops and pilot programs. We work with management to establish a clear, concise vision of the direction the organization wants to take. This process considers the context and culture of the organization, the current pain points and obstacles, and the selection of pilot programs.

Our teams are experienced in successfully guiding our customers through the transformation processes of business analysis, pilot program definition, training of the administrators, initial adopters, and champions who will extend the adoption program throughout the organization.

Development and implementation of the business use cases for the pilot programs is the next step. We work with management to identify sponsors, analyze the issues, and identify solutions based on collaborative capabilities and practices.

As our clients implement their collaboration programs, we also ensure that there is a program for continued adoption and growth of collaboration. We always leave in place communities and programs for the ongoing support of the environment, including notification of new features and how they can be used in your organization.

Based on our experiences with adoption and deployment of IBM connections around the world, we have a broad portfolio of practices solutions services and options that can help your organization to successfully embrace collaboration both internally and externally. Your users will benefit from having a single platform to communicate and collaborate, and the organization will become more responsive, efficient, engaging to your employees, and more effective in all of its communications.