Notes and Domino Services


 Anderson Technical Services, Inc. works with our clients to aid them in the effort to manage messaging, workflow, collaboration, e-learning, knowledge management and data integration. We offer a full compliment of services for Lotus Notes/Domino implementation, development and professional support.

Anderson Technical Services, Inc. provides full lifecycle services, implement best practices and processes on our projects, and enable our clients to achieve substantial benefits and cost savings throughout their deployments:

  • Assist and/or coordinate the roll-out/implementation of Lotus Notes/Domino upgrades and applications within an organization.
  • Perform upgrades or migrations in extending existing systems. This encompasses operating system upgrades, Notes/Domino release upgrades, and migrations from Exchange to Notes.
  • Develop and implement a testing lab in preparation for Notes version upgrades.
  • Orchestrate data integration with backend systems to take advantage of newer functionality, or add new features to existing systems.
  • We assist in the implementation of integrated enterprise applications using Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI), Domino Enterprise Connection Services (DECS), and Java.
  • We are experienced in the conversion and integration of back-end systems with Notes/Domino, enabling your organization to present all of its data securely, using start of the art tools
  • Administration, management, optimization and support of Notes/Domino installations

Our service model is designed to provide our customers with the resources they need, in a timely manner. The services range from staff supplementation to complete administrative services, and include custom application development, as well as support.

Notes/Domino Application Support
Anderson Technical Services, Inc. Application Support service provides the resources, processes and tools needed for application, end user, and design support. Our highly trained professionals deliver customized, affordable and highly responsive support. Our experience is based upon our work with many Notes organizations, and we offer a wide range of skills and services to design and support your applications.

Benefits of hiring Anderson Technical Services, Inc. to support your Notes/Domino applications include:

  • Project directed costs with regular reporting cycles.
  • Reduced client overhead costs.
  • A significant reduction in application maintenance/support costs
  • Dedicated teams that are familiar with your application and can respond quickly to the need for changes and new technologies that impact your systems.
  • Improved reliability, availability and performance of your databases and applications.

Notes/Domino Application Development
Our practice offers the development of custom applications to assist our customers respond to the demands of todays business world. Many Notes/Domino organizations have insufficient resources to develop all of the applications that are planned, and have a substantial backlog of projects to develop. Anderson Technical Resources, Inc. specializes in assisting our customers to quickly get new databases and applications to the users, using our proven methodologies and development skills to meet the needs of our clients.

In most cases, we have the skills and flexability to develop and roll out a completed application in a fraction of the time an in-house development group takes, because we are dedicated to the needs of the client. Our services include:

  • Custom Workflow Applications.
  • Reporting systems based on Notes/Domino and integrated with backend systems.
  • Integration with other enterprise resources and applications.
  • Integration with Lotus Instant Messaging, Team Workplace Lotus Enterprise Integrator, and Java.

Anderson Technical Services, Inc. provides our customers with access to the expert resources they need to meet their budget and deliverable pressures.

Notes/Domino General Support
Anderson Technical Services, Inc. also offers 2nd level technical support and works towards the continuous improvement of your environment so it can support evolving business requirements. Our skilled professionals, technical expertise, and tools enable you to rapidly and cost-effectively extend and maintain your applications. Our talents allow us to effectively manage changes to mission-critical applications, building new application enhancements, server maintenance, automatically deploying software releases, and general troubleshooting.

Our Notes/Domino professionals are certified, with extensive industry expertise and a deep understanding of client business requirements. Our Notes/Domino expertise includes:

  • Domino Administration
  • Lotus Instant Messenger (Sametime)
  • LotusScript, Java Script , and Java
  • Domino Workflow
  • Lotus Enterprise Integrator and DECS (Domino Enterprise Connection Services)
  • Domino.doc and Quickr