Features of workplaceON

5717498_origCreate appealing Internet and Intranet Sites using the workplaceON. Use predefined templates to create Content Pages, News items, and upload images to a Image repository.

workplaceON is an easy-to-use platform that aggregates information from multiple sources, incorporates social technology, powerful search, multimedia creation and sharing capabilities, and more to create a communication and collaboration hub that can be easily accessed to get work done.

Access from my device
Sites build with workplaceON dynamically changes display based on type of device being used to view it – iOS or Android – so it is the same content used for display on both desktop and mobile devices.

WYSIWYG Experience
A simple way for users to create or update content is In-Line Editing. Authors can simply navigate to a page, select a piece of content, and make their edits “in-context” of the page. During the editing process, the page looks as it will appear when published.

Content Governance
Give users the appropriate level of control for the content and areas they manage. Permissions can extend from from creating, editing or publishing content, to deleting or archiving it. A process may be that one person creates the content page and multiple providers create the sub structure.

Making it work together
workplaceON can be used to create websites and intranets. Content pages which are created using predefined templates, which automatically adapts to mobile devices.

In addition, the neo.Dashboard leverages the existing applications in your environment as well as social media services such as RSS, Twitter and Youtube video.

IBM Connections integration
workplaceON leverages your IBM Connections Cloud or On Premise social platform by providing users a single point of entry to what is going on in their network.