Administrative Services


Anderson Technical Services, Inc. offers comprehensive system administration services for system expansion purposes, as well as proper maintenance of your current Notes/Domino infrastructure. Our certified Administrators can provide complete installation and configuration of your systems, as well as perform on-going maintenance of existing Lotus Domino servers.

Our years of experience in a variety of organizations enables us to to work within your organization’s environment to achieve the service levels you specify for up-time and the daily operation of your Domino systems.

We offer onsite or offsite system administration services to our clients. With proper access, our administrators can access your Domino environment and maintain your systems.

Some of the system administration services we provide are as follows:

  •  Set up and managing users and groups including user registration, setting up roaming users, managing and tracking user activity and license tracking.
  • Implement a customized user experience with customized Corporate Welcome Pages – both intranet and Notes based.
  •  Define, coordinate, and rollout policies for the organization. These policies cover security, desktop, registration and setup settings and offer a consistent Notes experience for all users.
  • Review and set up scheduling, as well as monitoring replication. Our services include a thorough review and configuration of server-to-server replication, server-to-client replication, selective repliction, replication troubleshooting, and the implementation of Hub and Spoke architectures where needed.
  • Implementation of calendar features for rooms and resources scheduling, and the creation and rollout of holiday documents.
  • Implementation of Domino Offline Services (DOLS) with effective policy configuration.
  • Monitoring mail usage including mailbox sizes, router performance etc.
  • Configure and set up domain searching of databases.
  • Monitoring and reporting of all system tasks.
  • Setting up Mail Routing and configuring SMTP mail routing, relays.
  • Setting up POP3, IMAP and iNotes (Domino Web Access).
  • Perform a complete security review of your Domino domain, security audits, server access, and database security.
  • Database maintenance and performance reviews.